Want romance? - read a book.

We all want love, because we know love itself is worth every sacrifice in this world.
Why do we rather have a love that only takes us halfway than nothing at all? Why do we settle for anything less than everything?
When did we become realists and stop being dreamers?

We live in a materialist world, we overconsume everything.
We twist and turn and bend things that actually matter into something it's not. We treat love as common and replaceable, like a cereal brand.

But love is not common- it's beautiful and fragile. I miss the time when art and love mattered. I miss smart strong artists like Emily Brontë, Jane Austen and Shakespeare.
They knew the art of love.
They knew the real feeling of love swelling over you, they knew about heartbreaks.
They knew the most important thing to know about love; That no heartbreak could ever break love.
I most miss the feeling of honest love, we all seem to have lost that along with our hearts in these lives we live now.

I rather have nothing, than something I know is wrong.
I really wish I had something true.

Lightning in the water

Sometimes life can feel like a strom.
You drift out at sea and those high waves keep pulling you under.
Do not panic, there is nothing to fear, you can soothe the waves, make them swell calm on the surface- you can glide as a butterfly above the water.

Because it is only you who created the chaos, only you can solve it. So save yourself a swim for your life and make the sea cool as a purring kitten.

If what doesn't kill us makes us stronger,
fuck, then I must be superman.

I dare you to be yourself.

Sometimes people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Not in what they say.
Just in what they are.

I am tired of people complaining about their looks. They are not thin enough, don't have a perfect straight nose, high cheekbones.
We all want to be Megan fox. Guess what?
She didnt always look like that, the perfect girl you all talk about wasn't so perfect once. She was just like you, not thin enough, didn't have a perfect straight nose, high cheekbones.
She changed herself, and became the girl you all love. She still changes little things about herself, and my guess is that it's because of you. She is just as insecure as all of you are- she will never be happy about how she look.
So please don't wish to look like Megan.
A straight nose is just boring- a crooked broken nose is interesting and characteristic.
You shouldnt let people who loves stupid boring perfect things get you down, those people don't have an IQ over 45.
Love yourself for the imperfect person you are. People who wants to look like plastic can start a union, and all other smart, wonderful broken noses out there can be happy-together.

Bleed for love.

Love is overrated.
It is a strong thing sure, but still it always burn- on good and bad.
Love can make your heart feel three times too big- make your brain work overtime on analyzing everything.
Love can make you feel weightless, give you wings.
Love can make your heart burn in endless fire, rip out you insides and leave you hollow. Make your brain work overtime on analyzing everything.
Love can make you feel heavy as a mountain, dig your grave.
I am so tired of hearing that love is the only thing that ever will matter in our world. We all worship love as if it is a God, and it's not. We devote our lifes to love, we live for love- we die for love.
And my question is, why?

Love gives us hope and make us feel more than life, and when it has us in it's tight grip love just let us go. Love betrays us, every time. Why doesnt anyone see that- why are we all so blind?
We write endless songs about love, new love, old love, lost love, true love. Every piece of art in this world are devoted to love. The crazy part is, songs of lost love even holds hope in it. We never give up, do we?
Why not just admit it- love can't save the world.
We can live a happy life, without love.
But we will never let ourselves try- never has never will.

Darkness and a full moon

Some days my life feels like a starless night. The moon are still there, the big light who keeps me fighting.
But the sparks of directions are lost, and I just keep wandering in the darkness, and that big light above me have no meaning at all.
This kind of days my life is so hard, because I can't see up at the night sky and look at you. The sky you live in, my father. When you died people told me you were somewhere better, somewhere in peace. So I came to the conclusion you were up there in that blue sky looking over me. At day you hide behind the coulds, but at night when those thousands twinkle lights come to life so do you. And at night you can see me and I you.
I always believed this, everyday since you left this earth.
Those stars are your eyes watching out for me, so tonight I feel so lonely Dad, because I don't see sparks up there, just darkness and a big moon.
I miss you, forever. 

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