I've been thinking pretty much lately, I don't really know what I think about you yet. If you came into my life a year ago I would be head over heels for you, but as of right now I just don't know. I like spending time with you I truly do, but when we're apart I don't think about you that much.
But even if you don't rule every thought I have I still have this unsettled feeling. I think I long for you in my subconscious.
What I simply is trying to say is, I miss you. I get this longing feeling every time we say goodbye, that must mean something right?
But it's not just longing, I have this bad feeling that I shouldn't trust you completely.
I really hope it goes away.

I'm done.

I fucking hate how you always take me for granted. I always have to guard you and take care of all your dirty work. Without me everything around you would die. Yes I said it.
You put yourself on a pedestal, you are so full of yourself. And I can't really understand how in the hell you can't see that?
Let me tell you something, I'm not doing this shit for you, okay! I'm doing it because I KNOW IT HAS TO BE DONE!
But from now on I quit, you have to do it all by yourself.
Ha, you're in for a ride....

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