Want romance? - read a book.

We all want love, because we know love itself is worth every sacrifice in this world.
Why do we rather have a love that only takes us halfway than nothing at all? Why do we settle for anything less than everything?
When did we become realists and stop being dreamers?

We live in a materialist world, we overconsume everything.
We twist and turn and bend things that actually matter into something it's not. We treat love as common and replaceable, like a cereal brand.

But love is not common- it's beautiful and fragile. I miss the time when art and love mattered. I miss smart strong artists like Emily Brontë, Jane Austen and Shakespeare.
They knew the art of love.
They knew the real feeling of love swelling over you, they knew about heartbreaks.
They knew the most important thing to know about love; That no heartbreak could ever break love.
I most miss the feeling of honest love, we all seem to have lost that along with our hearts in these lives we live now.

I rather have nothing, than something I know is wrong.
I really wish I had something true.


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