Darkness and a full moon

Some days my life feels like a starless night. The moon are still there, the big light who keeps me fighting.
But the sparks of directions are lost, and I just keep wandering in the darkness, and that big light above me have no meaning at all.
This kind of days my life is so hard, because I can't see up at the night sky and look at you. The sky you live in, my father. When you died people told me you were somewhere better, somewhere in peace. So I came to the conclusion you were up there in that blue sky looking over me. At day you hide behind the coulds, but at night when those thousands twinkle lights come to life so do you. And at night you can see me and I you.
I always believed this, everyday since you left this earth.
Those stars are your eyes watching out for me, so tonight I feel so lonely Dad, because I don't see sparks up there, just darkness and a big moon.
I miss you, forever. 


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