We all like to believe our lifes are like a circle. That there is more life than just the one we live now, it is a little like recycling- we live, we die, we become something else.

This is our belief, it's the root of every religion, sect or faith. We want to believe we have a higher purpose than just being blood and flesh. We all want more- a second change, a second time around. Make a difference or just live.
I believe in reincarnation, not religion. I just know deep down there is something more for us. It's not logical- it's just is. And I think that's the point, if you believe in something strong enough it will come true.

I believe in karma, not forgiveness. I don't think we should long for forgiveness and when we get it everything is okay. I believe true forgiveness comes from change- you can't change the past so let it be, change the future because changing for the better is really the only thing that can truly forgive.
All people make mistakes, that is what makes us human.

No matter how many bad decisions you make my belief is that what matters is how clear your heart is when you leave. The only thing that truly matter is who you are behind all those mistakes- that is the person you take with you in the next life.
That's what will decide whom you will be.


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