You are loved.
Never forget that.

Postat av: Frida

Jag älskar dig.

Min allra bästa vän, det kommer alltid vara du och jag. Forever and always. Såg dream girls för ett tag sen, minns du låten som du sa handlade om oss?! <3

2011-02-13 @ 16:24:30
Postat av: sunshine

I was 12 when my best friend moved away. I cried for weeks and when my mother told me "best friends don´t let the distance come between them" I believed she didn´t know what she was talking about because she didn´t know what distance could do.

At first she moved to a neihbouring town, then further away. Eventually she was in another district and presently we have an ocean dividing us. We live in different continents and we don´t talk everyday, but whenever I pick up the phone and hear her voice... it´s as if I saw her just yesterday.

2011-02-14 @ 13:34:02

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