dear friend

I miss you, friend.
When I think of you I know I will never find someone quite like you. And because of that I know you will always be in my life, in some way.
When I think of you and me I see buliding snow tunnels in pink overalls, drinking hot chocolate and getting our tongues burned. Freaking out, writing silly songs and recording them on your cell. Staying up all night watching Wanye's World and the next day in school wispering funny lines to eatchother "Wanye's world, Waney's world. Party time, Excellent!" only we understood the meaning of it, and it was fine.
I miss having you around, I miss you, because you are the only person who know me to the core. All my secrets,fears and favorite movies.
When I faced the worst thing that ever happened to me five months ago I wanted you to be there, I wanted to run home to you and we would lay in your bed and listen to cassette tapes. You would get my favorite silk quilt, and let me lay there, let me cry it all out until I would not have more tears to spill. You would stay there beside me through it all.
But I could not run home to you. You were to so far away, one long bus ride and a three hour farry to be exact.
When the rush of shock blew over, and when I could breath again I called you. The first words I said to you was the first time I opened my mouth since the scream. Hearing your voice broke everything, all the numbness I had felt shattered. How you talked to me made me miss you even more, you were in shock too but you handled it so well.
I wanted to be in your bed with the silk quilt, taking night walks, sit by the water and cry. You would cry with me so I would feel less alone, because that's how we are.
I want to cry and laugh with you again, not just on the phone.
my dear best friend.


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