Frozen ground I stand apon

I feel that something is missing. And do not want to remind myself.
Remind myself of you.
Because it is you, when you left you ripped out my insides. Leaving me hollow, empty.
Time goes by without you, who long has it been? five months? maybe even six?
I hardly rememeber the shape of you face when you smiled. I saw you everyday for four years, and still you were not strong enough to imprint in my mind. Or maybe I was stronger, stronger of shutting you out.
You did the darkest crime of all, you betrayed me. You made me look like a fool, I hate the way you left me so helpless. Everytime someone mention something that can relate to you I feel the scar inside me rip open cutting me at the edges, and it gets worse every single day.
I just want the thoughts inside my mind to shut up, please leave me in peace, but they won't. At the tick of the clock new thoughts of you hunts my mind. I want to stop thinking, and I hate you for it. My mind has always been a place were I can drift away free and let my imagination get the best of me. Not now, not after you left, and I hate you for it. Thinking of you is like sticking a knife into my heart over and over.
Mostly I hate you for the fact that I still love you my friend.
You be foreverly missed.


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